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I had a great conversation with an old friend today. It was certainly the inspiration for this blog post. She reached out to me about printing her wedding invitations. They had already gone to the store and picked up one of those do-it-yourself packs. I didn’t see the exact one she got, but they’re all pretty much the same. They come with a pre-design and pre-cut card that you’re supposed to print on your home printer. She was having the same issues as everyone does, most printers are not really designed to run small cards thru and the cardstock is usually more than a desk top printer can handle. The result of this; you end up drinking all the wine in the house trying to calm your frustration of throwing the printer out the window and all you have when you’re done are ruined invitations, a migraine, and no more alcohol. Which all sounds terrible.

For my friend, she was lucky enough to call me fairly early in this process and I filled her in all of the bad news. Fortunately, she was able to avoid most of the headaches and return the DIY kit to the store to get her money back.Baby Shower - Website Image - Main

I also gave her some recommendations on how to go about getting her invitations done. I told he what I tell everyone, go to! Seriously, this is literally the secret to having nice invitations and not spending a fortune. The best part is, it doesn’t stop with just wedding invites! You can birthday, baby shower, bridal shower, bachelor party, and any other type of invitation you’d ever need.

How is this you ask? Simple! There are 100’s of very talented graphic designers with stores on Etsy. You can search a wide variety of themed invitations and purchase predesigned layouts where the artist will customize the order just for your event. Once customized, the artist will send you a printable pdf file that you can email to your local print shop (I’m partial to On The Go Prints) and they will print and cut your cards for you. Most will even be able to provide you with envelopes, we certainly do.

Give it a shot and let me know what you think. I’m guessing you will use this service for more than just your wedding! It’s just too easy and the designs are just too perfect not too!

You can also submit your print file to us at this link! ORDER INVITATIONS

Eric Liddic – CEO On The Go Prints